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Spreading Music to our Community

Who We Are


  • Lauren Lee- Founder/President

   Lauren Lee is a musician, runner, and senior at West Ranch High School in Valencia, California. She played violin for 7 years and has been playing flute for 8 years. As a musician and music-lover, she has experienced the power and benefits that music offers us. She is passionate to spread music to our community in the hopes of sharing comfort and growth through music. She is also interested in humanities and in making a healthy, strong, and beautiful society through helping individuals in their own life journeys. With her talent in music and her heart in humanities, she is thrilled to explore the world around her and expand her boundaries while learning about people.

  • Vice President- Elliot Lee

  • Secretary- Isabel Hernandez, Yoon Kim

  • Advisors- Jennifer Jeon(Flute), Sun Choi(Piano and Handbell)



How We Started

Recently, COVID-19 has affected people in many different ways. It has caused profound changes especially in music: school programs and music activities came to a complete halt. Also, there is unfairness in the availability of opportunities across socioeconomic levels, ethnicity, and regions. Some people have less opportunity and access to music than others for many reasons. I have noticed that there are many people who want music in their lives but cannot afford it or find the appropriate, necessary support. 

Sound of Music is a project designed to bring music to places where it is wanted and needed for underprivileged members of our community. It was created by Lauren Lee in 2021 and is run by her and her peers. This project utilizes music as a tool to care for and improve the quality of the community individuals’ lives and bring about positive social change.  Volunteers will have chances to serve public goods and grow together while sharing their talent and passion with others. Sound of music will serve as a bridge through music education and entertainment to connect community members, aiming to enrich their lives. 

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